Samsung 345 L Frost Free Double Door 3 Star (2020) Convertible Refrigerator (Elegant Inox, RT37T4513S8/HL)


33,990.00 15,990.00

345 L : Good for families of 3-5 members
Digital Inverter Compressor
3 Star : For Energy savings up to 35%
Frost Free : Auto fridge defrost to stop ice-build up
Convertible: Offers you more space for all the food you need to store
Is your refrigerator due for replacement? If yes, bring home this Samsung refrigerator that features the Convertible 5-in-1 option that allows you to use the fridge and freezer compartments interchangeably. The Digital Inverter Technology makes this refrigerator an efficient cooling machine that makes less noise and delivers more cooling than conventional refrigerators. The refrigerator delivers cooling without the need for an external stabilizer.

Product Description

Convertible 5-in-1
This Samsung refrigerator features a Convertible 5-in-1 feature as part of its design. This allows you to switch the cooling modes of the fridge and freezer so you can benefit from extended freezer space or fridge space.

Twin Cooling Plus
Your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh for longer in this refrigerator as the Twin Cooling Plus feature maintains a humidity level of up to 70%.



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